Warm Air Heating Engineers Surrey: A Complete Guide For You

As we enter the coldest months of the year, lots of companies will be starting to think about the best ways they can heat their commercial properties. Keeping your staff warm should be a priority, both for their health and productiveness. 

There is no denying that heating a large space can be very expensive, as well as, having the potential to increase your carbon footprint. For this reason, Murdock Heating Services can now provide a range of reconditioned warm air heaters on a supply and fit basis. If you would like to find out more about warm air heaters in general then keep reading today. 

What are warm air heaters?

As the name suggests, a warm air heater warms the air in the space and this, in turn, warms the people working there. Warm air heating is a modern replacement for traditional water-heating systems within commercial premises. These heating systems work by passing cool air through a heat exchanger fuelled by gas or electricity. Once warmed, the air is then distributed through the space by a fan.

A well-designed warm air heating system will distribute warm air throughout the space required, so that there is barely any temperature variation from one area to another. Ensuring that the warm air heaters are positioned correctly will allow the warm air to travel freely throughout the space so there are no cold spots.

Where are warm air heaters used?

Warm air heating can be used in a variety of buildings but you tend to find them in properties where standard heating systems, that use boilers or radiators, are not suitable. They are particularly popular in large, non-domestic buildings such as factories and warehouses.

Why use warm hair heaters?

This type of heater is a popular choice for a number of reasons including:

  • Cost-effective – They are known for being fuel-efficient making them relatively inexpensive to run
  • Quick warm-up times – Warm air heaters can quickly heat a large space to a comfortable level whenever required
  • Help to prevent damp – Due to hot air moving around a space the likelihood of damp can be reduced
  • Space efficient – These heaters can be wall-mounted, suspended, roof-mounted and tubular so, you can pick the best option for the amount of spare space you have
  • Quiet operation – Warm air heating systems are typically much quieter than some other heating options

Are there different types of warm air heaters?

There are different types of warm air heaters, as well as different makes and models, as you would expect. The different types you can get all use a variety of techniques for warming the air. However, all of the systems below push the warm air around a duct network using fans.

  • Gas-fired – This is definitely the most popular type of system and put simply it works by warming cold air over a gas flame
  • Air heat pumps – This is essentially an air conditioning unit that works in reverse, they extract heat from even cold outdoor temperatures to heat indoors
  • Ground source heat pumps – This system uses warm air from underground, the air passes through underground pipes and is then used in an air-source heat pump connected to the ventilation system

Depending on the size of the commercial property you are trying to heat and where the property is situated, different types would be recommended. If you’re unsure which heater to go for then a warm air heating engineer will be able to advise in this regard. 

Looking for Warm Air Heating Engineers in Surrey?  

If you’re interested in installing a warm air heater into your business property, as mentioned above, Murdock Heating Services can supply you with a range of reconditioned warm air heaters. Our team of experienced commercial gas engineers can help you decide on the best warm air system for your property, as well as which type of unit to go for. We will help ensure that you get the best heating system for your needs.