The Business Benefits of District Heating

If you own more than one business property you may have heard the term ‘district heating’ being used by your gas safe engineers. It is essentially one network that has a central heat source that supplies heating and hot water to multiple separate buildings on the same site. The district heating industry has seen rapid growth in recent years and it is said that district heating will become increasingly important to the UK in the future.

There are a range of business benefits to using district heating networks and it is something you should seriously consider if you now use multiple properties. If you’re unsure whether it is worth installing, then Murdock Heating has put together a list of benefits for you to consider. 

Improves energy efficiency

Using district heating allows a broad range of energy sources including both fuels and flows to work together to provide heat, which increases both reliability and efficiency. It just makes sense from an efficiency point of view to have one large centralised heat source supplying all of your business properties, rather than each having separate small boilers. 

This large heat source also offers flexibility, it retains heat and can supply it whenever required without needing to get up to temperature, this can be very useful for maintaining a constant output when demand varies.

Reduces running costs 

Of course, reducing multiple boilers down to one district heating network will save you money in the long run. This network allows you to harness the heat that is normally lost during the generation of energy and you can also use other sustainable technologies which make it possible for you to create more affordable and also sustainable energy. 

This network will also help you to manage the supply and demand of heat, meaning, you will be able to avoid unnecessary production so that you aren’t wasting energy and money yet, you are still meeting your needs. 

No individual boilers to worry about

Having multiple boilers, usually one in every business property, can be incredibly frustrating especially if you repeatedly have issues with all of them. With one district heating network you can reduce both the labour and maintenance costs that are associated with multiple individual systems. 

Having just one single boiler instead of lots of them can also be helpful when it comes to annual commercial boiler services and also even commercial gas safety certificates. It will make it much easier for you to ensure that your boiler is meeting the standards required by a commercial property. 

Supports national energy interests

Installing district heating introduces opportunities for renewable energy sources which would otherwise not be economical or practical. Combinations of energy sources can also be used, including traditional gas-fired boilers, biomass, CHP, and low-grade heat technologies such as ground source heat pumps. 

Overall, the whole concept of district heating strongly supports the UK Government’s energy strategy. It helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of a wide range of low carbon and renewable heat sources, it improves the security of energy supplies by diversifying the energy sources for heating and reducing the UK’s dependence on fossil fuel imports and also supplies heat that is good value and that contributes to reducing fuel poverty.

Speaking to a professional about district heating

There really aren’t any downsides to district heating and it is definitely more beneficial than you may have initially realised. These heating networks can work for lots of different industries, a traditional district heating system can heat a number of individual homes, blocks of social housing, a school, hospital, or local council offices. 

To find out more please contact Murdock Heating today. Our team of specialist commercial gas engineers offers this service to businesses who are interested in lowering their energy and heating bills, whilst reducing their carbon footprint. Their district heating networks are extremely flexible and can be installed above or below ground, whichever works best for your company. Murdock Heating is fast becoming one of the most experienced district heating suppliers in the country, so why go anywhere else?