The specialist heating engineers here at Murdock Heating are proud to be one of Bedfordshire’s favorite Thermal Imaging companies. A service that is available to homes, offices, buildings and properties of all shapes and sizes. Having worked on single domestic dwelling projects right through to large-scale commercial developments we have been able to identify and report on energy inefficiencies which have helped our clients save money on their energy bills, while reducing their carbon footprint.
We use infrared thermography to allow us to detect and diagnose the heating and energy defects of a building quickly and easily. This technology allows us to complete defect detection surveys much cheaper than ever before.

Our thermal imaging experts will capture images of your building and then create detailed reports that will clearly highlight and list any problem areas your building has. The thermal imaging team will then provide you with an educated and impartial analysis as to why these problems are occurring.

The usual reasons that you will have heating or energy defects in your building are because of missing insulation, dampness within the building, and ingress of moisture or delaminating render. We will tell you where your problem, why you have a problem and then we will tell you how we can fix this problem for you.

The thermal imaging techniques we use are non-destructive to your building and offer a higher level of visibility than previous, more traditional methods have been able to offer. We will help you repair your building (if repair work is needed) and look at ways to ensure it stays in good working order for the foreseeable future.

Our thermal imaging specialists in Bedfordshire allow our clients to act quickly with increased confidence due to our rapid analysis and report production times. Our clients know that they are targeting the areas with the highest concern through the refurbishment programs we recommend.

Why not contact us know to hear more about our thermal imaging services in Bedfordshire? You’d be surprised at how much money we have managed to save our clients.

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