District Heating

The team of specialist heating engineers here at Murdock Heating Services Ltd offer District Heating in Bedfordshire to homes and businesses looking to lower their energy and heating bills while reducing their carbon footprint.

We have created our district heating networks to be extremely flexible, allowing them to be installed above or below ground. The system can be powered by a range of sustainable solutions including Combined Heat and Power Plants (CHP) and heat pumps. We will make sure that the District Heating we offer is designed to suit the bespoke needs of the clients.

Here at Murdock Heating Services Ltd we are fast becoming one of the most experienced District Heating suppliers in the country and we are a firm favourite of numerous clients in Bedfordshire.

What Are The Business Benefits of District Heating?

District Heating allows you to harness the heat that is normally lost during the generation of energy, but you can also use other sustainable technologies which will make it possible for you to create an affordable and sustainable environmentally sound energy. However, it’s not just how you get the energy it’s how you distribute your energy as this can have huge financial implications on your business. Have a chat with our friendly team to see how we can reduce the amount of heating and cooling lost.

Traditionally boilers burn wood chips and pellets as wood fuels, they are typically larger than an equivalent gas or oil burner. Wood fuels become economically attractive, more so for installations creating a few hundred kW. Through district heating you can make use of these cost reductions and you’ll also find there are more administrative benefits too as you have just one single boiler installation instead of multiple ones. On a traditional district heating system you can heat a number of individual homes, blocks of social housing, a school or hospital, local council offices, etc.

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