Commercial Boiler Company: Questions to Ask Before Hiring One

Finding a company that you can trust with installing, fixing, or servicing your commercial boiler can be quite challenging. Unfortunately, there are lots of illegal boiler companies littering the industry and you want to avoid them at all costs. Just because a company is offering the quickest and cheapest work doesn’t mean that you should automatically choose them. To help you find both a qualified and trusted gas engineer to assist you, we have put together a list of the important questions to ask before you hire a commercial boiler company. 

How many years have they been in the industry?

With experience comes perfection, there is no denying this. Regarding commercial boiler companies, you can be sure that the longer they have been practicing their trade, the better the completed job will be. Experience is also necessary if unexpected issues are to arise, knowing that the company you hire knows how to react and fix any problems will fill you with confidence. A long life in the industry also speaks volumes about how good the company is, there aren’t many companies that stand the test of time and this should always be seen as a positive.  

Are they Gas Safe registered?

This is hands down the most important thing to ask any commercial boiler company. The Gas Safe Register is a list of businesses that are legally permitted to carry out gas work under their trading name. Ultimately, if a company is not on the Gas Safe Register then they are not legally allowed to complete the work. The whole purpose of the Gas Safe Register is to protect the public from unsafe gas work so don’t even entertain companies that are not included. 

Are they qualified and insured to complete the work?

You have the right to ask anyone who turns up to do your boiler work for their Gas Safe ID and they should always be able to produce it. On the back of this card, the type of work that the engineer is qualified for will be clearly listed. Insurance is also an essential must-have, this means that if they were to have an accident on your property or if they cause damage to your property then they are covered to deal with this properly.

Can you view their testimonials? 

A good company will always want to show off their previous work and also what people have to say about their work. You should be able to find a testimonials page on all reputable commercial boiler companies, however, if there isn’t one then don’t be afraid to ask to see them. Testimonials are a great way to find out not only about the quality of a company’s work but they will also inform you about their engineers and how they represent themselves. 

Do they want cash upfront for the work?

This is another question that will help you to identify rogue traders. They tend to demand payment, in cash, upfront with no intention of actually completing the work. You may find that they won’t give you a price breakdown for the work either, just presenting you with one final, normally either very cheap or very expensive, price. Any reputable company will allow you to pay either a deposit and then the balance after the work has been completed and you’re happy, or sometimes all of the payment on completion. 


Choosing the right commercial boiler company is all about asking the right questions and making sure that they have the proper accreditation, expertise, and reputation. 

When you are looking for a commercial gas engineer to assist you with the commercial boiler services you require please don’t hesitate to contact Murdock Heating Services. We will gladly answer all of the above questions and provide you with any further information you require regarding commercial boiler installation, boiler maintenance, and also commercial boiler repairs